Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

Our 4th of July started out on the 3rd of July with a pancake breakfast (yum!) and salute to those who serve in our armed forces--may God forever bless them and their families for the sacrifice they make to keep our country free. The Primary kids even had a their very own bike parade! Reagan, Kamryn and Ethan had a GREAT time riding their bikes around the church parking lot. Reagan was showing off her tricky bike skills, and Ethan, well, one of these days he'll let me take off those training wheels!
On July 4th, we started our day off with the blessing of Amelia Jade Little, our newest little cousin. Such a cute baby--and so well behaved. She stayed reverent all through her blessing and didn't make a peep until after it was all done. We're so happy for Steve, Brittany and their family. Afterwards, we got spoiled to a delicious brunch at Steve and Brittany's beautiful home. Steve did most of the cooking (kudos to you!) while I just made a big mess trying to cook waffles! What I help I am. Should have taken pictures of that mess! Hee-hee!
The kids just played and played and played with their cousins, and I caught the boys helping themselves to watermelon STRAIGHT from the bowl! Boys will be boys! Kaitlyn and Reagan jumped on the trampoline and played on computers side-by-side (this always makes me laugh). Kamryn and Priscilla made up all sorts of little games and things to play. Living closer to one another has really made things fun. I'm so glad they get a chance to hang out with their cousins. . . family and friends for life.

The day came to a close with Eric and Steve roasting hot dogs for dinner and s'mores for dessert (oh yummy to our tummies!), and a little fireworks show out front thanks to the neighbors. So grateful for family, friends and a free country that we can enjoy such marvelous days such as today. GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.!!!!!

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