Wednesday, October 22, 2008

She's Embaressed!

This morning was a little like the movie "Something Wicked This Way Comes"--I just needed to hear the creak of the empty merry-go-round spinning by itself. Oooh, the thought makes me shutter. The Halloween winds have entered Simi and its blowing everything everywhere and causing things to change from what they usually are--including my children! Ok, well maybe only my oldest, Reagan.

Rocking out to some Halloween tunes on the way to school, Kami and Reagan all done-up in crazy hairdos (it's crazy hair day at school today), and me being all proud of myself for being so fun and festive, the change came! Boom! Just like that. From the back seat, I hear from my soft spoken Reagan, "Turn off the music." Huh? What? Did you say something Reagan? "Turn off the music." Why? "Because". Because why? "Because I want it off." Why do you want it off? "Just because". (Silence because I sooo didn't understand the request. At home she wants the same music on. She makes up funny dances to that music, but now she doesn't AND she doesn't want to tell me why. HOLY CRAP!!!! She's embarassed! She doesn't want her friends to know she listens to it. It's not hip enough. Hip? What? She's only 8! What does she know about hip? Am I not hip???? Oh, no.) Reagan, are you embarassed by this music? "Yes." Do you not want your friends to hear that you're listening to it? "Yes." OK.

As she step out of the now silent car onto the school sidewalk, I thought to myself--You're embarressed by funny Halloween music, but not embaressed to go to school with shoots of hair sticking straight up from your head. Whatever!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Our First Blog

Ok, so apparently, we have arrived! Whoo-Hooo! We are official bloggers, with a spot and all! So really, it's hard to image that so many want to know what we do, what we like and what we think each day of our lives. It seems so silly. Why not write a book and at least cash in on the royalties--"The Little's: Lives of the Normal and Everyday People"? It'll be a shocking twist of events that mold the lives of five very normal individuals. Will they be able to muddle through the daunting tasks of what everyday people must endure? Watch as these five people do what only the ordinary can do. Happy Blogging! ;)