Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Day of School 2009

On August 26th, 2009, the kids had their first day of school. This is the first year that all 3 kids are at school! Yes, that means my mornings are "free".

Ethan is in Kindergarten, Kamryn's in 1st Grade, and Reagan is now in the upper elememtary grades--4th grade! That one I still can't wrap my head around. At 5:00pm the night before school is when the classes and teachers are posted. It's ususally such a mob at that time that we allow those insane individuals fight the crowds, we peacefully eat our dinner and just before bed take a little drive up to the school to see which teacher they each were assigned. This year talk about conincidences! Both Reagan and Kamryn got the same teachers they had had in kindergarten AND were both in the same classrooms they were in LAST year!!! What are the chances of that happening with one child, let alone two in the SAME family??? All I know is I think I was jumping up and down higher than the girls because I love both teachers!

THIS is going to be a GREAT year!!!!!

Ethan-Kindergarten-Mrs. Bowman Kamryn-First Grade-Mrs. Hemphill

Reagan-Fourth Grade-Mrs. Cantwell


SanniD said...

They all look so excited...priceless. I always loved the first days of the school year. Wish I could have been there to watch them leave for their first day. I'm a little jealous that you have kids in school (I'd even be jealous of having just 1 in school).

Paul and Aliisa said...

Wow, so grown up! Reagan I especially can't believe. She looks so hip and "tweenage." I guess I made up that word. Glad you got pictures of the first day!