Thursday, April 2, 2009


We all have a phobia about something, right? Mine? Heights for sure. It's one thing to have it and work through it, and a whole other thing to let it rule your life.
So, how do you get your kids to get over their phobia(s) so it doesn't end up ruling their entire life? Ethan is 4, turning 5 in July and while most of his days are spent learning, building towns out of blocks or spaceships out of Legos, he's having a hard time letting go of his phobias. Just mentioning the following 4 words and he'll bust out into massive hysterics;
4. Dentist
3. Bath
2. Shower
And the number one "It'll be the END OF THE WORLD" phobia . . . (drum roll). . .
1. HAIRCUT!!!!!
FRIGHTENING!!!!! I could understand and be sympathetic when he was younger, but he's about to enter kindergarten! We have been kicked out of many haircutting establishments, and yes, that includes Supercuts. . . several times. Who wants to have to leave Supercuts with their tail between their legs? It's Supercuts! Embarrassing! Well, a couple days ago on the way to a "kids eat free!" dinner, we made a quick stop at Supercuts for Eric. Eric was a wonderful example to Ethan on how to get a haircut without "crying" (aka freaking out). Even Eric's stylist showed Ethan that the clippers would not cut him and make him bleed. Nope, he wasn't going to buy into it. So, to up the anty, Ping (Eric's stylist) started negotiating with Ethan. She offered to give him $10.00 if she could cut his hair! Yes! $10.00!!!! (that's a FREE haircut!). But, no, there was no way he was going to get in that chair. He politely told Ping that he would have mommy cut his hair.
So. . . . here we go; with many tears and attempts to escape mommy's haircutting chair, he lived through it. . . even the bath that had to come afterwards. Phew! That took all the energy I had, but doesn't he look good?



SanniD said...

So handsome! His real phobia has to do with control. He doesn't want somebody to have control over his body...hence shower, haircut, etc.
Good thing you only have one like that!!

Kim said...

You forgot anything that anything flying is a BEE!!! and sends him running in terror :) He sure does look handsome though. What a cute little man.

Jo said...

He is so cute! I'm hoping they grow out of their phobias. Robert's is shots. I had to chase him through Dr. Kasel's office as he's screaming in terror. Embarressing!